It’s a battle between the English fourth division and American second division at Subaru Park:

Wrexham, co-owned by Philly native Rob McElhenney, was supposed to come over here and play the Union a few years ago. That got cancelled because of COVID, so now they reschedule the trip as a newly-promoted League 2 side to play Philly’s reserve team. The Union first team will be competing in a side competition called the “Leagues Cup” in July, so instead of Wrexham vs. the U, it’s Wrexham vs. U2, but without Bono or The Edge. Should be a cool experience for people who watched Wrexham this season and/or viewed the documentary.

In addition to Wrexham’s Chester visit, the Linc is hosting Chelsea, Brighton, Newcastle, Aston Villa, Fulham, and Brentford in July exhibition games that are part of the Premier League’s “Summer Series.” Former Sixers President Chris Heck is now with Villa, so we’ll have to get him to hook us up with a super-exclusive player appearance for Crossing Broadcast.