Dallas Goedert was on Pardon My Take where he gave his opinion on the moon landing:

They didn’t have Bluetooth in the 70s. Spot the lie. Without that little thing we use to connect our phone to an Alexa, how did they get to the moon?

The good news is the Eagles don’t pay Dallas Goedert for his knowledge of astrophysics and Bluetooth. They pay him to catch balls, score touchdowns, and run through people’s faces and he does that perfectly fine.

Just don’t let Buzz Aldrin hear him talking shit:

Dallas was a content machine this entire episode. Did you know he comes from a family of unicyclists?

There’s no doubt Howie threw a unicycle clause in his contract in case he got hurt. Also – that pronunciation of “Guinness.” WOOF. That world mangled his brain worse than any sucker punch in a South Dakota bar ever could.

You can also add him to the growing list of Eagles who think they got boned by The SodFather:


“Oh Kyle give The Sodfather a break. Both teams played on the same field.”


I’ll never let it go until I see The Sodfather in Hell. A generational d-line immobilized because they over-watered the field and Rihanna needed some more practice time. We have the damn slip stats for God’s sake!

Nick Sirianni is Ted Lasso. Ted Lasso is Nick Sirianni:

Even as nuts as Philly sports fans are, for some reason aww shucks coaches have been the most successful in this city. Andy Reid, Charlie Manuel, Rob Thomson, Doug Pederson, and Sirianni. They’re kind of dorky, a little dumb, and you don’t understand half the shit they’re talking about when they get here. For some reason they work. Your hardass Buddy Ryans, Larry Bowas, and Chip Kellys flame out. It’s ironic. Give me the hayseed every time.

Speaking of Dallas. Here is he and DeVonta Smith filming a commercial Wednesday at a Wawa in South Philly:

I love the dude trying to check out:

Probably already late to his 9-5 at Terminix, probably gonna get fired, and all the lady behind the counter could care about is filming probably the 30th take of two Eagles walking into the store. Only in America!

It reminded me of this: