People saw this Instagram post and thought D Jax retired:

Weird seeing DeSean Jaccson (old CB joke) in a Ravens uniform. Forgot he even played for them last year. Looks like he caught nine passes for 153 yards.

Apparently he did not retire, however. There’s a post at Pro Football Talk quoting DeSean saying the following:

“They reaching my last post wasn’t a retirement post! I just had to get some stuff off my chest! Y’all will know when the Boi retire!” Jackson wrote on Instagram.

I looked for that and didn’t see it, so it must have been an IG story that lapsed.

The next thing that will happen is someone writes a story asking rhetorically if the Eagles should sign DeSean for a third and final stint. Bring him home! We need a deep threat because Quez Watkins stinks. D Jax is 36 so maybe the tank isn’t completely empty yet, or is it? Your phone calls next.