People have been asking us to look into this:

I texted Bob (disclosure: we worked together at Channel 3) but did not hear back. Talking to several people behind the scenes, it sounds like he’s “doing alright” (that’s the phrase they used), but will update if I hear from him. There hasn’t been any kind of communication from FOX 29, external or internal, confirming or denying what happened, so folks over there are as much in the dark as everyone else. Phone calls to FOX 29’s PR contact “could not be completed as dialed.”

An Oar House manager did confirm that an altercation took place over the weekend, during what appears to be a charity event for “Kelly’s Kidz,” which is a non-profit that collects toys and other donations for area pediatric hospitals. Here’s the promo that was running on Saturday:

The Oar House website corroborates that Kelly was scheduled to be there between 5 and 9 on Sunday evening. There’s also a Facebook post from the DJ that shows a picture taken during the event.

We’ve got a couple of messages out, including one to Sea Isle Police, who as of right now aren’t confirming anything publicly. One of the responses on the Facebook thread notes that “the guy who did it was chased and caught by security, then arrested,” so if that’s the case then there should be some sort of police report to corroborate. We’ll update the story with more concrete information once we get it.

EDIT – looks like Rob Tornoe at the Inquirer posted something about this just a few minutes ago, which includes this blurb:

“The longtime Philadelphia TV fixture was emceeing a party at Oar House Pub in Sea Isle City when a young man filmed himself pouring beer on Kelly’s shoulder and head, according to sources with knowledge of the incident. When Kelly reacted and attempted to swat away the beer, sources said the man filming punched him in the face.”

Rob’s full writeup here:

EDIT 2: According to someone at the scene, the incident spilled out of the bar, Kelly was “bloodied up,” and the bouncers started chasing the attacker and caught up with him. That’s when the cops and an ambulance arrived on the scene. A couple of sources described the perpetrator as a “local kid” who is known in SIC. Here’s some video:

EDIT 3: source says the attacker was caught two blocks down the street, he’s allegedly a Sea Isle local and known around town. Bob didn’t require stitches but they glued him up like they do the hockey players, so he figuratively would have been back on the ice for the third period