I can hear Dan Baker’s voice over the PA now:

Bryce Harper is playing first base tonight:

Hey if it works great! If it blows up in the Phillies face than they can go get a first baseman at the deadline. I don’t think it will. I know a lot of fans were nervous due to the delay, but one thing you have to remember is Bryce Harper is a psychopath. Like you don’t become this awesome at baseball and live up to the hype from 16 years old if you’re not wired a little different. He’s going to do everything he can to master the first base position. And it can’t be worse than the last week of Darrick Hall. Nice guy, but he was a black hole in the lineup. Now the Phillies have something they’ve been lacking since Rhys Hoskins’ injury. A power hitting first baseman.

Honestly, I think an even more important move is getting Kyle Schwarber in the DH spot and off his feet. Imagine the power he’s going to produce while he’s not tiring his legs out in left field anymore. Now, the only thing he has to think about is hitting. The pieces to the lineup are finally coming together. I can’t wait to see this experiment in Cleveland all weekend.

P.S Go get Soto.