My favorite part about the Bryce Harper first base experiment hasn’t been all the haters eating crow. It’s the fact he refuses to throw the ball into the stands after making the last out in the field:

I’m charting these like Bob and Ant might chart the Phillies stats with RISP. He’s batting 1.000 in not giving any balls to whiny piss ant kids in Cleveland:

He won’t even acknowledge their existence:


I need people down at the Phils tonight to monitor this. Is this just a road game thing because he’s a psychopath between the chalk and doesn’t want fans of his opponents to feel any joy? Is it because he doesn’t want any unneeded wear and tear on that surgically repaired elbow? Or is he just so locked in he keeps forgetting to toss the ball into the stands?

Get some video for me if you’re down at the game tonight and send it over.


UPDATE: The Phillies are trolling me with Harper DH’ing tonight and Jake Cave at first: