Danny Briere is bridging everyone today:

Same thing as Noah Cates, for a little less money. Keeps these cap hits manageable in the short term, but you’ll have to pay both at the same time if they continue to improve and the Flyers turn the corner and exit the rebuild to become a contender. Keep in mind that the cap is expected to increased in a couple of seasons, so players can bank on that to get paid around the summer of 2025. These are good problems for GMs like Danny Briere to have.

York took steps forward in 2022-2023. He played 54 games, scored two goals, and bagged 18 assists. This was after the surprise training camp cut last October, so his NHL season really did not begin until the December call up. He’s part of the group we can focus on moving forward, that slew of young guys who might play key roles when the Flyers turn this thing around.