Georges Niang secured “the bag” as the kids say, signing a three-year deal worth $26 million to play for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

He thanked New Philadelphia on his way out:

Good dude, Niang. Seemed to “get” Philly, knocked down some threes coming off the bench, and played hard for a guy who was not exactly bursting at the seams with athleticism. Knowing how things work, he’ll probably leave Philadelphia and go on to have a career year with the Cavs.

That said, I think we’d all agree that Niang was not exactly some playoff X Factor. He got that little boost in games three and four of the Boston series and was on the floor for almost 20 minutes, scoring 10 and 9, respectively. Then he took four shots over 29 minutes in the three final games and scored six points in the process. He was similarly a bystander in the Miami series two years ago.

Niang missed only 10 regular season games in two years for the Sixers, so he was always available to give you something off the bench between October and April. After that? He wasn’t very involved.

(Perhaps Niang’s best moment was this legendary defensive possession on Ben Simmons in the preseason) –