The powder blue pancake shirts are sick:

If you know anything about Cole Hamels, you know he is an Uncle Bill’s regular:

I think Uncle Bill’s is great – when you can get a table in under 90 minutes. Is that a hot take now? People love to shit on it just for the sake of shitting on everything. Are they too popular, so now they’re not cool anymore? Probably. Are there breakfast places from Cape May to Ocean City that are just as good? Of course. Does the menu being longer than an encyclopedia intensify my hangxiety every time? Sure does. But they don’t boo nobodies. There is a reason they’re up and down the island. Palestine and Israel could work out a peace treaty over Uncle Bill’s stuffed french toast.

The food is good, they flip tables like Diplo on molly, and I root for that falcon they keep outside the place to deter seagulls to go rogue on his handler just once. Sorry I’m sick in the head. And if they’re good enough for a guy who won a World Series MVP at the age of 24, they’re good enough for you.

Kyle’s Top 5 Shore Breakfast Spots (I only vacation in Sea Isle, Avalon, and Wildwood):

  1. Dock Mikes – Sea Isle
  2. Steak Out – Sea Isle
  3. Avalon Coffee
  4. Uncle Bill’s – Stone Harbor
  5. Marvis Diner – Wildwood