Bryce Harper ended his dinger drought over the weekend when he jacked one to the bullpen. Waiting was Craig Kimbrel to snag it barehanded:

Bryce had to talk with Kimbrel after the game, and let him know it was stupid for the All-Star closer to do that. He legitimately seemed annoyed, lol:

It turns out though,  Kimbrel might be the best barehanded home run ball catcher in the MLB. Why? Because of cricket apparently:

How the hell does Craig Kimbrel know so much about cricket? Especially with a dad who looks like this:

Something tells me that guy wasn’t pulling wickets out of the garage and playing cricket with his boy in the backyard.

Regardless, Craig Kimbrel has convinced me. He pulled out stats and flight patterns and all that shit. I’m now more comfortable with him catching home run balls than I am with him not getting one pitch clock violation per appearance. Next time I’m in position to grab one at CBP I’m using the Kimbrel Method. Cradle it.