This TikTok popped up on the timeline via u/xilliam.fx, alleging that someone stole Bryce Harper’s car at CBP on Friday night:


Poor Bryce #bryceharper #phillies #foryou #badtiming

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There’s another, longer video that shows Harper surrounded by the cops and alleging in the written blurb that his family was in a car accident:

First, it’s tough to see someone who doesn’t work for the Phillies stealing his car. It’s not like he parks it in Jetro. I’d assume it’s under pretty tight surveillance with multiple checkpoints where you have to show your face to security. Unless it was the Kia Boys. Those dudes boost cars better than Dom Toretto. If you remember earlier this year, CJGJ’s Kia was stolen, but I believe that wasn’t at the stadium since he didn’t reveal it until Monday morning.

On the other hand, we have the video up top with the caption alleging Bryce rushed out of the stadium to make sure his kids and wife were okay after getting in an apparent accident. There’s not enough information out there to come to a conclusion. No corroboration. I’m sure Rob Thomson will be asked about it in a couple hours and we’ll update when we get the word.

Hope it’s just that his car was stolen so we can laugh and make jokes wondering if they found his bat in there. Getting his car stolen would be next level pandering even for him. You don’t have to prove you’re a Philly guy anymore, man.

Kinkead: why are people walking up to him and asking for photos when he’s surrounded by cops and clearly dealing with something?


EDIT – According to Tim Kelly Bryce Harper’s car wasn’t stolen: