HOLY SHIT! Damian Lillard actually did it! He actually requested a trade from the Blazers:


Things are about to get interesting. The Sixers might have to act fast depending on what the Blazers want in return. They could offload James Harden for some players and picks and dangle Tyrese Maxey out there to make the offer more enticing. Whatever happens this Fourth of July weekend with the family is ruined down the shore! Everyone is going to be attached to their phones waiting for the news to break that Dame is a 76er.

I can’t wait for Damian Lillard Toyota on the Boulevard!

What happened between Lillard and the Blazers? I thought everything was cool. Didn’t he just meet with Blazers execs like 48 hours ago. Didn’t he want Jerami Grant back and the Blazers just paid him $160 MILLION!?! Shout out to Dame Dolla! That’s a good fucking friend right there!

Wait – WTF?!


Miami fine, but Brooklyn? Does he really want to go play with Mikal Bridges and the corpse of Ben Simmons? Does Dame have a weird fetish for blue haired baristas? Michael Rubin better be getting Dame an invite to the all-white party this weekend as we speak so he can talk to Joel.


EDIT – Tyrese Maxey would most likely not be included in any deal: