The Damian Lillard saga is not even a week in and it’s already exhausting. What happened to not running from the grind? He wants to be traded to Miami and Miami only and now has his agent reportedly calling teams and letting them know if you trade for him he won’t be happy:


I’ve never seen so much power wielded from such a nobody agent like Dame’s. Aaron Goodwin reps Dame, Matisse Thybulle, old ass Demar DeRozan, and Gary Payton II. Where is his leverage? Who in the Blazers front office is worried about upsetting Gary Payton II’s agent? There is no free agent who is going to point to the Blazers in the next five years and say, “I like the way they handled the Lillard situation. Lets sign there.” They’re Portland and they’ve accepted that. Just like we’re Philly. Big time free agents don’t want to come here. Jaylen Brown isn’t looking at the way we handled the Ben Simmons mess and deciding that’s where he wants to be next year.

Could you imagine if corporate America operated like the NBA? Imagine the Comcast CEO is disgruntled and wants the board to send him to Google and Google only. Fuck you. I’ve got share prices and 20k other employees to worry about. We’re trading you to Burlington Coat Factory for their top two C-Suite execs and a pick to be named later. Hope you’ve got an affinity for plus-sized clothes and cargo shorts!

I’m taking Tyrese Maxey off the table in a Lillard trade. I don’t care if the Sixers already did. I can’t have more losers on this team. The president of basketball ops has signed Pat Beverley and Mo Bamba in between Crumbl Cookie visits:

He’s got Windy carrying the water for him telling us he has something up his sleeve. At this point he’s no better than a birthday party magician you got off of Craigslist: