Deebo Samuel – awesome player, huge crybaby.

He’s been bitching about the NFC Championship Game for months now, leading us to this:


Now to be fair, Samuel does say “I don’t know, that’s old” and “I said what I said” and tries to move the discussion forward. But Gelb does oblige him on that. He goes on to say “what happens this year when you play Philly on December 3rd?” and asks if he has a message for Eagles fans, so Zach was “advancing the story” as they say in the business. It would be one thing if Zach was beating a dead horse and pushing for some soundbite about the NFCCG, but I don’t think that was the case here. This wasn’t exactly Mike Florio hounding Howie Roseman about the Jonathan Gannon tampering thing.

Deebo has been whining about this loss for months. It was May when he was quoted saying that the Niners lost because they were playing with 10 guys. He called James Bradberry “trash” and tweeted a bunch of nonsense through the end of winter and into spring. This guy is softer than Charmin. Deebo must be booed on December 3rd like no one has ever been booed before.