What the hell is going on in Delco? Joe Holden from CBS 3 has audio from a Delco police scanner Tuesday night about a masked man jumping into the river and wrassling a gator:

Crikey, dood! We’ve got a new Crocodile Hunter living amongst us.

Apparently there was a two-foot gator discovered in the Darby creek that got away, according to Tom Ignudo at CBSNews.com:

A two-foot alligator was spotted in the Darby Creek in Upper Darby, police said Tuesday night. 

The alligator was spotted at Penn Pines Park near Providence Road.  

The Pennsylvania Game Commission responded to the scene, but Upper Darby police said the alligator swam off in the direction of Yeadon. 

Like most people that grow up in Delco, the alligator never got out. If I had to guess, it’s probably parked on a bar stool and smoking reds in Upper Darby somewhere, getting hit on. It wouldn’t be the first river monster a Delco chum took home from the bar.

Fucking Delco man…