Doc Rivers is making the transition from coaching to media:

This came a few years too late. Doc should have made the jump after leaving the Clippers, when he told us at his introductory Sixers press conference that he was thinking about taking a break from coaching. Instead he delivered three-straight second round exits, not totally his fault of course, but certainly the continuation of a pattern that started well before his Philadelphia tenure.

In fairness, Rivers will probably do well in this role. He had a short stint back in 2004 that was solid enough. He’s always been easy to talk to, open with the media, and a good communicator in these types of forums (when he’s not telling us that we’re idiots). You could always picture him sliding onto the TNT set with Charles, Shaq, Ernie, and Kenny and not disrupting that chemistry or rhythm at all. In this case, pairing him with Mike Breen and Doris Burke feels like a move that makes sense.

Hopefully Doc’s color commentary is a little more in-depth than the “offense” he ran in Philadelphia, and by “offense” I mean let’s throw the ball to Joel Embiid while four other guys dick around doing God knows what. Or just let James Harden find a mismatch and run the show, and while it was certainly effective more often than not (Embiid did win MVP), it wasn’t exactly some Xs and Os wizardry from Doc. He wasn’t dialing up creative ATOs or half-court actions the way other coaches do. He will continue as a third-party observer, this time from a different location on the sidelines.

No ill will towards Doc, however. Nothing personal. It didn’t work here, thanks for your service, good luck on television, blah blah.