The Kelly Greens are real and they are spectacular.

But when will the Birds actually wear them this season? October and November, according to the Inquirer’s Jeff McLane, who I’m pretty sure was first:

October 22nd is Week 7, a primetime Sunday night game on national television. The Birds should be 6-0 or 5-1 by that point. No joke. What losses do you see on the schedule prior to the Dolphins game? If the Jets are good, that’s a tricky matchup, but they aren’t losing to Washington, New England, Tampa, or Minnesota. That’s a stone cold, lead pipe LOCK.

November 26th is a Week 12 home game, two weeks out of the bye at 4:25 p.m. on CBS. Makes you wonder if they’ll wear the all-blacks in Tampa during Week 3 on Monday night, and/or roll those out for the Chiefs road game, also on MNF.

If you want to buy the Kelly Greens online, get in there fast, because some sizes are already sold out: