Flyers move:

A 25-year-old, 5’9″, lefty defenseman and Ontario native who has played for Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal. His best years were from 2018 to 2020 in the Habs’ setup, where he logged 122 games, four goals, and 20 assists, getting 17 minutes of ice time on average. He missed a chunk of time this past season due to injury, playing only played 11 games for the Leafs and bagging a pair of assists in the process.

This is similar to the Ryan Poehling move. The Flyers are rebuilding, they need depth in some spots, and so in addition to bringing in vets like Marc Staal, you throw some one-year deals to fringe guys in their mid-20s. Give them an opportunity, let them compete with the young players already here, and see what they’ve got. You can afford to make these short term/reclamation project types of moves because they fit the rebuild timeline and plug temporary roster holes.

Mete was a 2016 fourth round draft pick out of the OHL, but Poehling was the 25th pick in the cursed 2017 draft, so if it “clicks” for them in Philly, cool, and if not, they’re gone after a year.