I think we can remove Terrance Williams from the next Undisputed co-host discussion:

That might’ve been the least inspiring answer I’ve ever heard about a QB comp. No evidence to support that Jalen Hurts is more like a runner. Talking in circles. I thought he was going to finish with a Knibb High Football rules! I award Terrance Williams no points and may god have mercy on his soul.

Listen, at the end of the day, Terrance Williams was a career Cowboy. He did give Hurts his flowers. But he’s going to hold all Cowboys in high regard especially when comparing them to Eagles players. Doesn’t mean we still can’t take his quote and roast him with facts.

Lets break it down:

Jalen Hurts, he’s more of like, a runner bro…like he’s just built that way.

Jalen Hurts is built like a runner. If a runner could squat a house, shake a tackle from a linebacker, and run over your safety for a touchdown:

Jalen Hurts isn’t no ordinary running QB. It’s why they the Eagles were so successful on the sneak last year. Running QBs get fancy on 4th and 1:

Jalen Hurts dares you to stop him.

Dak has the luxury of certain games, “Do you feel like running for 50 yards? Do you feel like throwing for 400 (yards)? Jalen’s…bottled to like…100 yards rushing 200 yards passing.

The last time Dak Prescott threw for 400 yards was October 17th, 2021. The last time he ran for 50+ yards was September 15th, 2019. So no he doesn’t have that luxury. On the other hand, Jalen Hurts only ran for 100 yards once last year. He threw for 300+ yards four times compared to Dak’s once albeit Dak missed five games due to injury. The only game Dak exceeded the 300 yard mark last year was the one Jalen missed on Christmas Eve.

Dak is like the best of both worlds. Dak is more like a thrower, bro.

The only one I’m having a hard time denying. He’s got me there. Dak is a thrower: