Jake Fischer at Yahoo Sports on the James Harden saga:

Let’s be clear: No matter the Sixers’ wishes, Harden still intends to play for the Clippers during the 2023-24 season, league sources told Yahoo Sports. Since the beginning of this subplot, Harden and his representation opted in to pinpoint Los Angeles as his next destination and have maintained a confidence he will ultimately join the Clippers. There has been no substantial trade conversation for Philadelphia regarding Harden and any other team, sources said, as rival front offices have been briefed on Harden’s unwavering focus on the Clippers and the Clippers alone. The 76ers have held talks with other teams and have established their high asking price for the league’s assist leader.

Harden removed the Sixers from his social media profiles:

No worries. Daryl Morey did confirm on Cuz’s show this week that Harden wants out. It’s just a matter of finding the right trade at this point. We will send you James Harden and you give us Norman Powell, Terance Mann, Amir Coffey, and Bones Hyland. Who says no?!

Realistically, this is going to be a multi-team deal. At least three teams involved to get Harden where he wants to go. Or maybe Daryl sends him to bumblefuck with a box of Crumbl Cookies. See ya, pal. Guess it depends where the Harden/Morey relationship currently lies. Does Morey do right by his guy? Perhaps, but only if the Sixers get back something adequate in return. You can’t compromise your team by doing someone a solid.

The wait continues. It’s HARDEN WATCH 2023.