Nick Sirianni was pissed at the Eagles’ mistakes early at practice today:

It’s gotta be perfect now because if it ain’t fucking perfect now. It ain’t gonna be perfect when shit’s going in the game. Get it perfect! 

Gotta love there is no complacency coming off a Super Bowl appearance!

Lets be honest, this is probably a 3/10 on the coach chewing a team out scale. If this was high school ball your coach would have your asses on the line running gassers until you puked. But it’s a perspective we rarely ever see on social media so that’s cool.  Typically when the beats are allowed to have their phones out we get clips of Eagles players entering practice or doing drills. I’ll take the continuous barrage of training camp tweets that fill my timeline from 9:30am – 12pm every day if they came with Nick Sirianni cursing out the Eagles.

P.S. Who is this dude? 15 minutes into practice he’s waltzing his way in here no pads and carrying a duffle. Get it together kid! We’re trying to get 1% better! No doubt he’s special teams: