Daryl Morey was on 97.5 Middays with Anthony Gargano… sans Baconators:

Here are the highlights from that interview you can listen to here.

Daryl Morey confirms James Harden wants to be traded, and they will do their best to honor that, but won’t do it unless they “get a very good player or something that we could turn into a very good player” –

He hinted that the Sixers looked to trade into the first round and grab Cam Whitmore:

Morey makes it seem like the Kings didn’t put Tyrese Haliburton on the table for Ben Simmons:


Nick Nurse and Morey spoke with Embiid at length yesterday about his comments. According to Morey, Embiid was having fun with it and talking about the business side of things in the interview. I didn’t really register anything about business from that quote, but ok:

Don’t focus on the five centers and lack of wing depth on the roster right now. Focus on the roster during the season…when they will probably still have a lack of wing depth:

He hears your skepticism and understands that the fans are nervous and upset because he sees it on Twitter every day (I made that last part up):