What an offseason for the Eagles, huh? Draft great. Bolster the running back room. Everyone is happy with one common goal in mind. Then you have the Giants, on the other hand, whose running back might not show up for training camp or at all:

Imagine losing the guy who was responsible for 30% of your total yards in the games he played last year. If Saquon doesn’t play, the Giants are going to lose their heart. Don’t take it from me, take it from a guy who played with him last year:

Live look at Daniel Jones getting that arm ready for a Saquon holdout:

Man we’re so lucky. It’s night and day between Howie and the Giants. The Eagles have spent roughly $6 million on their RB corps. Saquon is going to be making $10 mil on the tag by himself. They’re still paying for the sins of David Gettleman. Howie saw that, went out and got two RBs still in their prime on cheap deals to solidify the backfield, and people still argued for two weeks if he was going to take Bijan Robinson top 10:


I can’t wait for the Week 6 dual-implosion from the Jets and Giants. It’s going to be a content paradise for the guys over at ESNY.