Jordan Mailata got married over the weekend and gave prime dance floor real estate to a dude wearing the Memorial Day hat that MLB gives out each year:


Supposedly that’s Mailata’s buddy, Judah Kelly. A singer from Australia who won their version of The Voice a couple years back. Doing some process of elimination and the fact his cap seems like it’s sewn onto his head like Joe Dirt’s mullet, I’m going to think my sources are right:

I can’t stress how wild a move that is to wear a baseball cap to a wedding. And then to wear it backwards!? Especially when you’re front and center. The photographers are going to have to photoshop this dude out of every picture. Typically this move is pulled off by the weird uncle who they stick in the back corner of the banquet hall away from everyone. You know the one. He got into whippets and huffing paint young. His brain isn’t all there. He’s the the guy that makes your wife give you the side eye that says, “Can you believe this fucking guy?“, but you just let it go and laugh about it later because that’s just Uncle Jim. We’ve all got one in the family.

This guy needs some wedding etiquette tips from Jalen. Look at that mint green suit!

You know how hard it is to pull off a mint green suit? Not many people can pull off navy blue. Stop the fight! This suit had a family!