Jalen Hurts turned down Netflix’s “Quarterbacks” TWICE:


“There’s a lot of the journey to be told and there’s a lot yet to unfold.”


How long until Hurts has a quote book every Eagles fan can read while on the shitter? If it’s not already in the works his team better get on it. I don’t need to read two month old PEOPLE mags in my mom’s bathroom anymore. Give me Hurts reminding me to flush my deuce after I pinch a loaf. Flush it and attack the day.

No distractions on or off the field. Hurts is dialed in. H1M coming out to practice with “I’m Me” blasting was awesome:

I love how little of a fuck he gives about things other than playing football. You want Jalen’s journey? Watch it unfold on the field. Because when you have cameras around you 24/7 you get a big head like Patrick Mahomes:

Sick dude. Like you weren’t going to be in Arizona anyway for the NFL Awards, endorsement deal interviews, or straight up partying that goes on during Super Bowl week.

We’ll be over here keeping the main thing the main thing.