Well the 2024 free agency class just got a little more boring:

Here are the numbers:

$69 million guaranteed in the last year is nuts! This year he’ll make $1 million a week. Think about that. How long until we have dudes making $1 million a game? That’s gonna be a tough pill for NBA fans to swallow when players are sitting out games for rest.  I’m sure the future sovereign money will only make it crazier. LeBron’s already getting his passport renewed:

At the end of the day, this was a no brainer for the Celtics even though it was a little fun to speculate they were going to let him walk. Now the C’s have the best wing tandem in the conference until 2026.

As Sixers fans you don’t have much except hoping and praying that one of Jayson Tatum or Brown’s game takes a nose dive or they can’t get over the hump. That trade kicker at the typical 15% would make Brown’s deal a guaranteed $80 million in the final year if the Celtics deal him, which could be tough for a team to accept. Then again who knows if people even blink at $80 million for an athlete in 2028.