Awesome story out of Kruk here on the After the Bell podcast. I’m surprised we never got this one told to us in the booth:

How great of a story teller is Kruk? I’m a baseball casual and when you’re slogging through Game 87 in the middle of July it’s nice to have Kruk in their with T-Mac. He keeps me engaged in the game more than Ben Davis or RAJ. I don’t need Davis moaning about catchers on one knee or RAJ rambling on about god knows what in between pitches.

Give me Krukker dropping a “Let’s go bitch” on the broadcast and move it along:

It is nuts some people would rather RAJ in the booth than Kruk. Can you believe this take that came from the founder of this blog?

“I rather have a beer with Ruben Amaro than John Kruk” – Kyle Scott. Blasphemy!

It’s true when they say money changes a person. Sad.

This is what an everyman looks like: