This isn’t tampering, this is just good guy John Middleton offering a guy a ride back to Philly on his private jet. Nothing to see here:

If I’m the Padres I’d block this immediately. Some will say this happens all the time. There’s nothing to see here. Sure. Whatever you got to do to convince yourself. The problem here is not many stars spend five hours with silver-tongued devils that can pull off paisley button downs:

Soto doesn’t stand a chance. Mix in Nick Castellanos, who could sell me magic beans right now after convincing me Scooby Doo is a superhero:

Can’t wait to see this over the next four months:

Soto is making $23 million this season before an arbitration year and then will become an unrestricted free agent in 2025. Throw in Mick Abel and Brandon Marsh. Oh no not Mick Abel!!! He’s untouchable!!!! Give me a break. I remember when Kyle Drabek was untouchable. Anyone know what he’s up to lately? Sixto Sanchez hasn’t thrown since the Trump administration. The Padres season is about to be in the toilet while boasting a top-3 payroll. It doesn’t look like Soto wants to sign an extension. This Phillies team is going to get old, and fast. We’re in win-now mode with a lineup severely lacking power. Give me a dude who can spray it into the power alley in right field.

Wait. What’s that in Dave Dombrowski’s dimple?




A little closer…




This lineup is going to RAKE in October:

  • Schwarber DH
  • Turner 6
  • Harper 3
  • Soto 9
  • Castellanos 7
  • Realmuto 2
  • Bohm 5
  • Stott 4
  • Pache 8


UPDATE: Juan Soto actually flew home with the Phillies:

The Phillies are trading for Juan Soto? –