Jeez look at this:

$11 million per season for Matisse? Good for him, but that’s a lot of money for a guy who played only 22 games for the Blazers after the trade. He got his three point percentage up to 38.8 and shot a career-high 3.9 threes per game out there, so Portland is obviously banking on the thought that Matisse can match his typically stout defense with some sort of offensive contribution. Maybe he does turn into that bona fide NBA 3 and D wing that we saw glimpses of in Philadelphia.

Portland seems to be all over the place though. Dame wants out. Jerami Grant gets five years and $160 million. Now Matisse is getting $11 million for a couple of years with a player option. They just drafted Scoot Henderson. Are they rebuilding? Is it a Philadelphia Flyers-inspired “aggressive retool?” What’s going on up there?