Two games in a row now the Union have dispatched a team while opposing fans decide to throw shit from the stands.

First was Wednesday, when they beat Nashville 2-0 and some dope hit the players with a water bottle, then on Saturday at home some NYC FC fans decided to chuck drinks from their section:

This happened after the third goal on Saturday night, the consolation goal NYC scored in a 2-1 loss. I was sitting at the bottom of 133, which is partitioned about halfway down. What you have is visiting fans up top, then Union fans on the bottom, with security plastered all over the section. Then, across the corner gap, you’ve got section 134 where the Sons of Ben/Corner Creeps area begins, so the opposing sides shout at each other, constantly.

Admittedly, I did not see what precipitated this, but there was a mad rush of Union fans leaving the bottom of 133, which looked to be a group of families with kids. A lot of angry moms yelling at security on their way out, though they did depart on their own, so it’s not like anybody asked them to leave. They just took off because they didn’t want to deal with the shit you see in the video. The Union are good about reaching out to fans when stuff like this happens, and they can issue stadium bans to beer throwers if they choose to.

If you’ve got more video I’ll add it to the post. Maybe there was escalation by Union fans, which cannot be confirmed nor denied at this point. But we do have video confirmation of some NYC fans being scumbags. Put ’em in the bagster.


Here’s some more video:

I just don’t have any video of Union fans throwing stuff. It it exists I’ll gladly throw it up here, since we are fair and balanced.