Flyers avoid arbitration with Noah Cates:

Bridge deal for two years. Usually it’s three, but you’ve got the cap expected to skyrocket in a couple of seasons, so Cates is betting on himself and could possibly get his big pay day sooner rather than later.

The Flyers are high on Cates, who played all 82 games this year and bagged 13 goals and 25 assists. He’s still just 24 years old and doesn’t turn 25 until February, so by the end of this deal he’ll still be in his prime, or perhaps just entering it. John Tortorella had a lot of good things to say about him this year.

Not sure casual Philly sports fans even realize this, but Cates finished 15th in the Selke voting this year. He got 19 points via one second place vote, one third place vote, one fourth place vote, and four fifth place votes. Feels like Patrice Bergeron wins the Selke every God damn year, but Coots took it in 2020 and that’s what the Flyers see in Cates. They see a high-ceiling two-way player who should only improve.