Free agent signing:

Seemed inevitable that Pat Bev would play in Philly at some point before his NBA career ended. He turns 35 this month and is coming off a season that he began in LA and finished in Chicago, going to the Bulls after Orlando bought out his contract followin a four-team trade.

You know what you’re getting in Beverley at this point. His three point shooting sank to 33.5% after a handful of seasons where he was up in 38-39 range, but he’s always been a tough defender and hopefully can impart some dawg in Joel Embiid. Doesn’t hurt having both him and P.J. Tucker on the roster for some veteran leadership and attitude instillation.

It’s hard to know how much Beverley has left in the tank, but he’s a profile match for this city, one of those guys who would be annoying on every other team in the league, but you’d like to have him on your side. If he can run some second team point guard, play perimeter D, and knock down a shot here and there, you can do worse for the $3.2 million minimum.