Cowboys already in shambles:

Howie Roseman would never. You think Lane Johnson, Jason Kelce, Jordan Mailata, Brandon Brooks, or any of the elite linemen to play here over the past decade would publicly express their unhappiness and disgruntled-ness? Nope. Because the Eagles take care of their players. That’s the emotional intelligence that Jeffrey Lurie was talking about. Fuck the Miami Heat culture, because the NovaCare culture is better. You got guys willingly restructuring contracts to make it all work. Playing for each other. Everybody is treated well. A family-first environment and blah blah.

Then you have the Cowboys, who can’t get anything right. Dissing their own players, can’t get past the divisional round, and haven’t won a Super Bowl since Dolly the Sheep was cloned. The last time the Cowboys got a ring, Zaire was still a country. Garry Kasparov was battling computers in chess.

via NFL Memes