Herr’s does this new thing each summer where they have fans suggest unique flavors, which are then turned into a limited-edition potato chip run and charity contest. Last year they did a Long Hots and Provolone flavor, a Cheese Wiz flavor, and something called 215 Special Sauce.

This year the three finalists are “Roast Pork,” “Korean BBQ,” and “Tomato Pie.” Unfortunately “Mummer’s Meat Sweats” didn’t make the cut, but we will rank them as follows:

3. Tomato Pie

It tastes exactly like a tomato pie with the Corropolese OLD WORLD flavor. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Depends if you like tomato pie or not.

The thing about this chip is that the flavor is on the back end, and it’s sweet, so if your tastes are on that side of the spectrum and not the savory/salty spectrum, then you’d probably like this one. It tastes a little bit like a pizza-flavored Combo or Pringle. I thought it was fine as a novelty, but couldn’t see myself buying a bag and bringing it over to someone’s house for the Birds game or whatever.



Corropolese Bakery has been a community staple since 1924. Now in its fourth generation of family ownership, their signature tomato pie attracts customers from all over the Philly area. The flavors of delicately sweet tomato sauce and Romano cheese combined with our hearty potato chips provide a snack that’s hard to put down.

2. Korean BBQ

Also sweet, again with the flavor on the back end. It definitely has that Asian taste to it, so they nailed the objective here. The interesting thing is that the smoky part hits a little earlier than the sweetness, so they sort of overlap in a way that tastes really interesting. It has a slight kick, but nothing where you need to be reaching for the water glass. My mom ranked this #1 but I’ll rank it #2.



Follow the smokey mesmerizing smell that drifts through South Philly to Mike’s BBQ for the freshest barbecue around. Mike is constantly tinkering with his recipes in his pursuit of perfection to ensure every experience is even better than the last. Mike’s Korean BBQ Wings are the perfect combo of mild heat and smokey sweetness. That flavor is captured on our hearty potato chips to give you a chip with boldness in every bite.

1. Roast Pork

The winner. The best of the bunch. The flavor is on the front end here, and it really does taste like pork. The flavor works well for a potato clip, like finding the right canvas for art. Imagine getting a bag of these alongside a roast pork sandwich. It’s double the pork!

This one, however, is worthy of buying regularly. Not saying you’d get it every time at the grocery store, but these are limited run, special edition chips, right? I could easily see this one going into regular rotation and being available year round. It’s very good.

If we went ahead and combined all six flavors from the last two years, I think Roast Pork would be #2, behind the Long Hots and Provolone chip. That was the best one by far. It would be Long Hots 1, Roast Pork 2, Wiz Wit 3, then probably Wiz Wit 4, and a last-place tie between Tomato Pie and 215 Special Sauce.



Founded in 1930 and currently in its third generation of family ownership, John’s Roast Pork is an iconic destination in Philly. Best known for their award-winning Roast Pork Sandwich, each sandwich is a labor of love for the people of Philadelphia. The John’s Roast Pork recipe dates back to the family’s roots in Abruzze, Italy. The flavor of those savory top-secret spices combined with our hearty potato chips will leave your mouth watering just like the real thing.