According to Bob Nightengale at USA Today the Phillies are targeting a right handed corner outfielder and they would “love to land” Tommy Pham:

The Phillies are targeting a right-handed corner outfielder in the trade market them, and would love to land Pham from the Mets. 

The Dodgers are also linked to Pham according to The Atheltic’s (with ads) Fabian Ardaya. Pham has performed well on a one year deal in New York slashing .271/.355/.472 and can play the corner outfield spot, which is important here in Philly:

Before I let Dave Dombrowski pull the trigger I have to know one thing. With any other team this question wouldn’t matter, but with the Phillies it does. What’re Tommy Pham’s vibes like? Cause if you remember the Phillies got Brandon Marsh at the deadline last year and he barked his way too a World Series. He’s kept the vibes going this season as 1/2 of the Wet Bandits:

That’s stuff that doesn’t show up on the stat sheet.

I mean Cody Bellinger, who is a lefty, and can play first base or outfield has great vibes cause he’s just chill (maybe high) all the time:

It doesn’t hurt he’s tearing the cover off the ball in the last month either:

Me? I’ve still got my eyes set on Juan Soto. This team needs some power and the Padres go the way he goes. I don’t care what it takes to get him. He’s still only 24 and he’s got another arbitration year. We might only have two years left to win a title before guys get old. If everything blows up I’d rather build my team around 26 year old stud or trade him during a rebuild than look back on that time we rented Bellinger and Pham for one year and didn’t win.

And the vibes? Don’t listen to Ben Davis. They’re great:

via Kay Harper’s IG