Joel Embiid wants a career similar to Dirk Nowitzki and Kobe Bryant, where he remains with one team during the entirety of it, according to Sam Amick at The Athletic (with ads):

As for the question of whether Embiid might be trying to leave Philly anytime soon, a high-ranking Sixers source told The Athletic that Embiid or his representatives have not shared any such message with the team. In fact, the organization’s belief remains that Embiid would love to go the way of Dirk Nowitzki or Kobe Bryant and stay with one team for his entire career. The source was granted anonymity because these sorts of matters aren’t typically discussed publicly.

Here’s a report to try and quell the flames of the Embiid troll job. They failed to mention in the article that there was a time when Kobe was close to going to the Clippers until Jerry West stopped him:

Kobe also didn’t troll the fanbase publicly:

That’s what I’m most annoyed about. Why is Joel Embiid trolling the fanbase in the first place? The same fanbase that latched on to by him for his first two injury-plagued seasons, The Process, and six years of not making it to the second round. The guy you’d go to war for on social media or during conversations with friends. He was the guy during that Philly sports purgatory from 2014-2018. You could still argue he was the most popular athlete in this city even after the Eagles won the Super Bowl. And now that Jalen Hurts and Bryce Harper have supplanted him, his next move is trolling? Our franchise is led by a 30-year-old Internet troll. We’re doomed.

More stuff from people who write for The Athletic (with ads) – according to Shams, the James Harden and Daryl Morey relationship is completely severed:

I can’t wait for the first shots of fat James Harden reporting to camp. That’s going to be an all-time day on Twitter. He’s going to show up to camp like Mac in Season 7 of “Always Sunny” –

Then as soon as he gets traded to LA he’ll get on a steady diet of Ozempic and get absolutely shredded: