Bryce Harper struck out looking on Wednesday night without swinging the bat once. Here’s the video if you missed it:


Rob Thomson talked about it Thursday morning:


“So this is the second time he’s faced (Hoby Milner). The first time he faced him, he couldn’t really pick him up. So he was going to take a couple of pitches and try to find his release point. And then it got to the point where he got behind in the count and didn’t think he was going to throw him a strike until he got to 3-2. Then he was locked in and he just didn’t pull the trigger.”

Uhhh, okay. The first part of that makes complete sense. Trying to get a feel for what’s coming, no problem. But at a full count he’s still just sort of standing there, gets a fast ball right down the middle, and goes down on strikes. He does sort of lean in a little more and look like he’s engaged on that 3-2 pitch, but again, no swing.

Gotta hear from Bryce on this one. Maybe he wasn’t available in the locker room last night. No clue. Seems weird that we’re only just getting an explanation now. There must be more to this. It’s a bizarro world!