From Topper’s postgame interview:

The play:

I’m almost positive when the Phillies are at home NBCSports Philly is responsible for the replay angles. I could be wrong. I don’t want to blame it on the hardworking guys in the truck over there, but come on fellas. Act like an Instagram thot and get some good angles for Skip. We’re looking at Johan Rojas on second with one out in a one score game. Now would they have scored? Probably not the way this team hits with RISP, but a man can dream.

Topper is trying to skate by a little here by slyly blaming the production crew, but if I also remember correctly there were replay angles on the broadcast of Kyle Schwarber immediately yelling to the dugout to challenge. So even if you don’t get the angle you’re looking for in those 10 seconds you should trust your guy who has a better look at it from the on-deck circle.

Just an overall terrible game managing from Topper from the lineup to defensive subs and beyond. I understand dudes need a day off, but can we stagger them a little? Do we really need Brandon Marsh, JT, and Alec Bohm all out on the same day? Also, I know you don’t want to take the bat out of Schwarbs’ hands if he comes back up in the 9th, but the OPS numbers say throwing Marsh in left field for defensive reasons isn’t the worst move: