Early morning deal for Saquon right before the Giants start training camp tomorrow:

The difference from this deal and his franchise tag is broken down by Ari Meirov:

So Saquon gets a signing bonus plus some incentives to make almost another million and in the process doesn’t get to skip any days of work. I’d fire my agent immediately. I have to now practice in 90° heat for like maybe an extra $250k after taxes and agent fees? Screw that.

I think the complaining by running backs for being underpaid is a hilarious offseason footnote. Especially when you see the Saudi’s are willing to offer $1.1 billion for six months of Mbappe.  You’re the gas station attendant of 2023. You’re nice to have when it’s below zero, but the other 11 months of the year I just want to fill it up and get down the shore. So instead of paying you they should spread money around to upgrade the store. It’s just business. The running back position isn’t dead it’s just that you don’t need one bell cow anymore:

How long until we have a running back shortage in the NFL? Because if you’re in Pop Warner and the coach is lining you up in the backfield that’s malpractice. It would be like playing center in CYO with dreams of the NBA and just parking your ass on the block every game.

Saquon’s number is also tied to making the playoffs. In a loaded NFC East and slightly stronger NFC. These GMs are running circles around these backs probably because their agents know their hands are tied. Good luck with that: