James Harden fresh off of being uncomfortable was in Miami at Rolling Loud sweating during Travis Scott’s performance and eating some burgers with Bun B and PJ Tucker*:


Sixers fans weren’t happy he skipped out on Joel Embiid’s wedding for it:

I sympathize with James Harden on this one.

Who wants to go to a co-worker’s wedding? Co-worker’s weddings are THE WORST. You get there. You don’t know anyone besides other co-workers you already spend 50-60 hours a week with. You’re always stuck in the back at the shitty table next to the bathroom, far away from the open bar. And you have to recycle the same awkward small talk with people about how you know the bride and the groom. It’s just no bueno.

Honestly, one of my favorite things about working at Crossing Broad is that everyone is married. Here’s an open invitation to Kinker, Russ, Bob, Ant, etc. to skip my wedding if an invite comes in the mail (if you don’t send a gift though you’re an asshole).

We as a society have gotten to liberal with inviting people to weddings. We’ve got B list invites. We’ve got fucking C list invites now! I was a B list invite for a wedding that required a flight to get there. I’m more insulted by that rather than you just not inviting me at all! I understand people need to fill a quota to get married in some spots, but Jesus Christ I was at one last year that had 300 people there. Think about it. Can you honestly list 300 people whose company you actually enjoy? No chance. Than the day of the wedding you’re lucky if you talk to 10% of them.

So, when faced with a question of, “Do I eat burgers with the guy who wrote International Player’s Anthem or go to a wedding?” The former is the choice 10 out of 10 times. I’d rather be shirtless and sweaty, eating burgers, and listening to “SICKO MODE” than eating whatever the hell “Fenced in Burrata” is:

via @processforreal on IG

P.S. Now that we got a sneak peek of Harden’s summer meal plan this video might actually come true:


*That was some Mad Libs ass sentence right there.