Jon Heyman reported the other day that Taijuan Walker refused a replacement All-Star invite. It was kind of a throwaway segment in the middle of a Nolan Arenado trade rumor article:

“Taijuan Walker was asked to be on the All-Star team as a replacement, but he already had family plans. Scott Boras, agent for both Walker and Blake Snell, said he was disappointed Snell, a Seattle product, wasn’t then asked to take that spot.”

Turns out Heyman was wrong again, according to Walker:

Heyman stinks. From his lazy reporting, to his writing, to being the equivalent of Howard Eskin on social media.


Remember when he ended the MLB lockout in 2020 and one of the players who sat at the negotiating table was like, “not so fast my friend” –

Or when he broke “Arson Judge” to the Giants news last winter sending New York into a tailspin:

Than, an hour later he was like, “Oopsy daisy! The Giants haven’t even heard from Judge.”

Add Taijuan Walker to the list of people Heyman has burned. It would’ve been awesome seeing him rep the Phillies. It also would’ve been hilarious if he told MLB to shove it because he’s got Disney World with the kids already planned and he can’t wait for some Mickey Mouse waffles.