Is Tyrese Maxey the GOAT!? According to Brian Windhorst on the Hoop Collective podcast he wouldn’t be traded for prime MJ or LeBron right now:

What a brilliant move from Daryl Morey. If you tell me I can’t have something I immediately want it. I wouldn’t be surprised if every GM in the NBA is on the phone with Daryl offering star after star AND picks because they want what the Sixers have. Reverse psychology at it’s finest. They don’t teach that anywhere except the Sloan Conference.

I mean have you ever seen a 22 year old with blazing speed score 20+ a game and shoot 43% from three? Trick question. There’s nothing out there to compare him too. Maxey was built in some sort of underground basketball lab. It’s easy to be Victor Wembanyama. I’d love to see him pull off half the things Maxey can do at 6’2. Impossible. Trade rumors about Wemby ain’t bringing children to tears:

That’s generational talent. If the Monstars came down from Moron Mountain guess who’s powers they’d steal first? You guessed it. Tyrese Maxey’s.

P.S. The only way I see a trade for Maxey happening is if James Harden is available.

Edit – Daryl’s been bored as shit and causing chaos since they closed the Barnes & Noble in Rittenhouse: