The Cardinals continue to be an embarrassment to the sport of baseball this season. This happened a day after they lost 15-2:

Here the Phils are taking the first two from the best team in baseball and we still can’t gain a game on the second Wild Card. This dude pitching can spot one on the black at 101 MPH but can’t make a simple throw to first. Guy looked like Chuck Knoblach out there. Coming off the heels of an 18-8 June with a +35 run differential and the Phils still can’t get help from anyone around the league. There is no other explanation other than this had to be payback for the Phillies whooping their asses in the Wild Card last year. You know how the Cardinals can make it up to us? Trade Paul Goldschmidt to Philly at the deadline.

One silver lining: if the regular season did come to an end today, the Phils would be matched up with another NL Central team in the Wild Card round. Give me the Reds. We’re not losing to a guy named Elly.