From Tom Bogert at The Athletic:

Cameroon international defender Olivier Mbaizo has requested a transfer from the Philadelphia Union after his family once again was denied visas, sources briefed on the request told The Athletic.

Mbaizo’s wife and son have been rejected for visas numerous times. They currently live in Cameroon. Mbaizo has now officially submitted a transfer request in the hopes of moving somewhere his family can join him.

Bogert notes that the Union are willing to work with Mbaizo, but would like to keep him until the end of the season. He can be transferred mid-season at the earliest, via the summer window.

Olivier is the Union’s starting right fullback and has been for several years now, at times working a platoon with homegrown product Nathan Harriel. At his best, Mbaizo is a smooth and languid strider who can get forward and work space up the flank, and at his worst he suffers from in-box defending that’s way too casual and leads to mistakes. Solid player when on his game, but susceptible to brain farts.

The bigger story here however is this –

Why can’t this guy’s family get a visa? He’s been over here for five years now. He has a green card. Surely there is some useless or corrupt politician with connections to U.S. Immigration that can push this through. The Union have numerous international players from Europe and South America and I see their wives and kids running around before and after games. If they’re allowed to be here, Mbaizo’s family should be able to come over from Africa. We’re talking two people from Cameroon. This isn’t like pulling some goalie out of Russia to join the Flyers.

Get this dude on it: