If you were at the Luke Combs concert last night you earned “Fast Car”. Fans tailgated for five hours in 95° heat just to get hit with a monsoon and lightning minutes before he was supposed to go on:



#thelinc #lukecombs #philly

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Came to Philly for Luke and got a storm instead!#lukecombs #lincolnfinancialfield

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After two hours people were getting restless. The rich were about to eat the rich. Near fights in the club level? Now I’ve seen it all:

We were this close to a knuckle sandwich:

If I had to guess county of origin of these girls I’m going with Delco, Bucks, Chester, Montco, Philadelphia, Berks. In that order.

Could you imagine the chaos that would’ve ensued if these heroes didn’t act fast and deliver an “EAGLES” chant to calm the masses? Get these first responders the Medal of Freedom:


People around the stadium passed the delay in different ways. Like building giant cup snakes:


Policing cup snakes is the peak of security abusing their powers. You want to do it during the concert? Be my guest. During a rain delay though when we’re all stuck in here? People gotta pass the time somehow. Would you rather them be brawling in the club level? Let them build! No one’s brain is going to hemorrhage if the cup snake falls. Go keep dry.

Finally, Luke Combs took the stage and all was forgiven because he came out to the Fresh Prince theme song:

While wearing an Eagles hat:

God I love a good pander.

The people finally got “Fast Car”:


#philly #lukecombs #thelinc

♬ original sound – KimberTX

And we might’ve even found the Eagles new third string wide receiver: