There is no better feeling than knowing you can win an argument without even saying a word, because you know someone’s hypocrisy is going to show itself sooner than later. I just didn’t expect it to be revealed in 4K. That’s what happened this weekend at a 49ers preseason game when an all-out brawl broke out in the stands… between 49ers fans:

First off, who fights at a preseason game? This is like fighting at a family wedding. You’re paying to be there, you’ve got all this suppressed anger because you’ve been denied for years, and the entertainment continues to awkwardly play even though no one is paying attention because you just socked your drunk uncle in the face.

Second, this is so so so sweet after that San Francisco radio guy went off on us a month ago. You probably remember Joe Shasky from 95.7 The Game calling Philadelphia fans “lower life scumbags more than anyone,” after flying into a blind rage because Zach Gelb asked Deebo Samuel about his comments criticizing the Eagles:

It’s a hilarious statement when you Google “49ers fans” and find headlines like this:

Chef’s kiss.

We all knew it was a hyperbolic statement cloaked in fake outrage topped with the yelling that plagues bad sports radio takes for years when the host knows he’s talking out of his ass. But I’d rather listen to this than cringe my way through another song parody:

The funniest part is everyone and their mother has tagged 95.7 The Game and Shasty on Twitter and the guy just refuses to address it. He’s been tweeting about the Giants all weekend like there wasn’t a 30-person brawl that went insanely viral in his backyard 36 hours ago. The only thing worse than giving a shitty take is being too much of a pussy to own up to it. We’re officially on Shasky watch! Speak, God dammit!