Big NFL News on a Friday night:

Awwww hell nah. That’s what I would have said. This kid has a better chance being San Fran’s third stringer than holding a clipboard for Dak “pick 6” Prescott and Cooper Rush. Not to mention, the Dallas culture will rub off on him, if you know what I mean. Three months from now he’ll be doing 95 in a 40 mph zone and then Jerry Jones will tell us that Lance is “maturing” because at least he wasn’t doing 105.

Did San Fran bungle this? Seriously. If Brock Purdy is the answer, then I don’t want to know what the question was. Trading into the top three to get a QB, only to then turn around and offload him a fourth is some hogwash. Howie Roseman would never!

My guy Terry Franconia gets the final word: