On Monday, fans started lining up at 3:30 am for a jersey release. By Sunday, 50k packed the Linc for a practice. Best fans in the world:


Y’all are something else #publicpractice #eaglesfans #trainingcamp #philadelphia

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Eagles fans can’t wait for football. This reminded me of those old Black Friday videos when Wal-Mart would open the door and it’d look like a scene from the running of the bulls as people trample one another for Tickle Me Elmo:

Jalen Hurts entering induced chills:

There’s always one absolute loser in a sea of 50,000. Of course it was a Cowboys fan:

My favorite part is the Eagles fans standing up all at the same time like, “Who do we have to roll on?”

Train ’em young:


Security got his ass out of there before Eagles fans decided to police it themselves:


I love the security guard telling him, “You can’t hold a Cowboys flag up!” and when he asked why pointing to all of the masses that will rip him limb from limb around him. That’s why, idiot.

Seems like they ended up tossing him:

Then you have dickheads like EDP446. You just know this jersey smells like gravy:


How do you show your face around Eagles fans after getting swept by the Birds last year? If this was the Vet some dude would’ve sent him down the aisle so fast it would’ve looked like the boulder scene from Indiana Jones.

Don’t worry though. Eagles fans haven’t gone soft. Right now they’re just getting their beaks wet chirping each other. If this was Week 2 fists would already be flying:


can’t enjoy a eagles practice in peace

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There was football too!

Here’s Jalen to A.J. Brown in the endzone:



Jalen Hurts Making athletic run fo 1st down at #eagles open practice #flyeaglesfly #fyp

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Marcus Mariota apparently had some sick runs. That still doesn’t warrant a standing ovation though. You have to earn those in Philly now according to sources:


An awesome night and showing from fans. QB1 said he got chills when he entered and other guys followed suit: