We got a reader email asking us to break down this fight. It’s a doozy. Amazing video, but first an explainer from The Montgomery Adviser:

Several people were taken into custody Saturday night after a fight on the dock at Montgomery’s Riverfront Park.

A video of the incident, which appeared to be racially divided, was shared Sunday on social media.

Montgomery police said they responded to a disturbance at the 200 block of Coosa Street at 7 p.m. According to MPD, a large group of people were fighting. Several were detained, MPD said.

The fight was captured on video by onlookers. It’s been reported that the fight began because a pontoon boat was blocking dock space needed to park a riverboat. That area is the regular spot reserved for the Harriott II Riverboat.

Right, now to the video:


Incredible. Fists flying. People getting tossed into the water. I love in the beginning how the black guy throws his hat up in the air, like “oh it’s on.” He was probably going to win too, before he got jumped by multiple people. It’s never a fair fight. We’ve been watching melee videos since the dawn of creation and the only thing that’s consistent is that it’s never 1v1 or 2v2. It’s always 3v1 or 2v1 or something like that.

But wait there’s more, another amazing piece of video picks it up when more people enter the fray and there are chairs being used, ECW style:

By gawd! He broke him in half!

The commentary is excellent. The memes might be even better: