This has to be the most successful streak I’ve ever seen. I know he gets caught at the end, but the fact he got to dap up a player, successfully climbed the wall to evade security, and ran around the concourse makes him the Jason Bourne of running on the field. He didn’t get the ball, so the French judge will be docking points:


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The only mention of it Tuesday night was T-Mac saying the start of the inning was delayed because a security guard was getting his headset that fell in centerfield. Way to bury the lede there. T-Mac probably went to the bathroom between innings so he could get some peace and quiet from RAJ for a second. Can we get a muzzle on that guy? Jesus Christ. He interrupted a perfect Nick Castellanos answer during the postgame that made me want to jump through the TV:

SHUT UP! This is a former GM. He went to Stanford. He’s been around the game since he was born and he adds absolutely nothing to the broadcast. They need to find someone when Kruk can’t do away games because RAJ and Ben Davis just aren’t it. You listen to Franzke, LA, or Stocker and it’s night and day. One fills in seamlessly when the other is off. Michael Bourn did too last year. Listen to this interview Franzke and Stocker did with Castey last night. When you don’t love the sound of your own voice this is the type of interview you get, where a player pulls back the curtain a little about their struggles:

Anyway back to the streaker.

What if I told you that this is the second time a fan running on the field during a Marlins game sparked a Phillies comeback (h/t Ryan Conway from the Liberty Line). The last time we had a runner on the field was all the way back on May 18th, 2021. We were still in the middle of the pandemic, CBP just increased capacity to 100% five days earlier, but this event felt like nature was finally healing:

The run wasn’t as good as our guy Cameron up top, but it must’ve inspired the Phillies enough to rattle off EIGHT in the last third of the game to get Archie Bradley the win. Bryce Harper and Rhys Hoskins both went 2-5 and Ronald Torreyes (TOE!) had two RBIs.

So if you find yourself at a Phillies game in September and they’re down late with a playoff spot on the line to the Marlins, might I suggest a little stroll on the grass. At this point it’s not illegal, it’s doing whatever it takes to win.